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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Unit is one of the Units under the office of the Mayor and has an administrative reporting line directly. The Internal Audit Unit is an independent appraisal unit for the review of the accounting, financial and other operations of The City Government of Monrovia which serve as a service to Management.

(a) There shall be an Internal Audit Department created by the Common Council headed by a Chief Internal Auditor      and directly responsible to the common council for the following:

  1. To monitor the work, activities and conduct the Executive Department for the purpose of ensuring that guidance, policies and programs set out and/or promulgated by the common council are effectively implemented by the Mayor;
  2. To conduct, upon specific orders of the Common Council and audit of the finances and inventory of the assets of the corporation; and,
  3. To serve as a reservoir of information and resource entity to the common council on the works, programs and status of the corporation.

(b). Provided, however, that request for information from the Mayor or any other department, shall be made by the chairman of the common council to the Mayor and the chief Internal Auditor and the Internal Audit Department itself shall have no power to speak for the corporation or the common council or conduct any other activity which might interfere with the smooth administration or management of the corporation, serve for those duties directly delegated by the common council in strict conformity with the provision hereof.

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