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Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing Unit coordinates and manages all commercial activities of the City Government of Monrovia this functions includes but not limited to the following:

  • Rental of Hall
  • Collect new information on advertisement and updating registry or database regularly;
  • Undertaking assessment of bill boards and other advertising permit request for revenue billing by the Revenue Unit;
  • Demarcating the city into revenue zones and developing codes for classification/identification and tracking of individual bill boards, etc.
  • Receiving clients request for buying of/rental of advertising spaces and process same;
  • Maintaining directory of advertising firms/companies/agencies;
  • Selling advertising spaces to businesses, advertising agencies, NGOs, etc.
  • Assisting businesses develop their advertising plan
  • Supervising the erection of bill boards/sky signs
  • Regulating the types of advertisement being published

To ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered, there are  two key sections constituted under the  Sales and Advertising Unit: Services Coordination and Inspectorate


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