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About Us

The corporate status of the City of Monrovia (MCC) as it is now was established by an act of the National Legislature in 1973 creating the City Government comprising of The Mayor, who represents the Executive, The Common Council representing the Legislative Branch and the City Court representing the Judicial Branch.

Realizing that in a unitary system of government such as the one adopted and practiced in Liberia since 1847, it is incumbent upon the Central Government, while being responsible for the promulgation of national laws and the formulation of general policies for the socio- economic and political advancement of the Country, to assign to local governments the task of directly administering the delivery of certain basic services; and

Convinced that local governments are very often equipped with the knowledge and experience of the development problems of their particular localities, they can better identify with and address themselves to the aspirations and development objectives to the extent that they can serve as effective animators of development and best translate the development policies and programmes of the Central government in their localities;

Cognizant that gender equality and inclusion must go hand in hand with local democracy and participation and that these goals are mutually reinforcing; Noting that strong local democracy through freely elected local authorities, together with professional standards and conduct in local administration, offer the means of fostering public accountability and strengthening our society against corruption;

Affirming the commitment to the premise and principles set forth above, and in order to foster the integrated development of the Republic of Liberia through controlled decentralization and strong, effective local government administration;

This is the official website of the City Government of Monrovia