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The City Beautification Directorate which is headed by a Director General
is clothed with the following cardinal responsibilities:

1) Plan, develop and execute advertisement strategies for the City.
Coordinate all corporate advertisement partnerships with businesses and
other institutions of interests.

2) Work closely with the Mayor, a variety of Public, Private and Community
organizations and citizens groups in developing and implementing programs
to achieve city proprieties and solve community problems.

3) To develop and implement plans which improve the aesthetic outlook of the
city of Monrovia.

4) To encourage the placing, planting and preservation of trees, flowers,
plants and other objects of beautification and ornamentation in the city.

5) To develop, study, investigate, and execute plans for improving the safety
and aesthetic influences and values of the city by beautifying the
streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards and other similar places in the city.


This is the official website of the City Government of Monrovia