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City Court

There shall be a city court within the Administration area of the city Government which shall be composed of a Magistrate, a Clerk and Seal and tow Associate Magistrates to serve in cases for venue and petty larceny, and shall try and determine all cases in keeping with statue.

The city court shall also interpret municipal regulations, laws and ordinances, investigate and determine any violation or contravention of municipal ordinances, regulations and law for the Administrative area of the corporation.

The jurisdiction of the City Court shall be limited to that of a magisterial court, and the magisterial court shall be vested with all Administrative and judicial power normally appertaining and belonging to a magisterial court under the statue law.

The Magistrate shall, within the precinct of the City, exercise the functions of a magistrate in all offenses occurring in the jurisdiction of the city, and appeals from the said Court shall be to the circuit court of Montserrado County. The said court shall by its Clerk, keep detailed reports of all matters and things which come before it in a book or record provided for the purpose.

Provided, however, that where the ruling of the city court concludes by the imposition of a fine or any other monetary penalty, an appeal shall not serve as a supersede as to the payment of the fine or monetary penalty promptly, but upon success on the appeal, the appealing party shall be entitled to a prompt refund of any fines or monetary penalties paid.

All fines and other monetary penalties imposed by the City Court and collected shall be deposited into and shall form part of the treasury of the city Government. The Mayor shall, through the Honorable Supreme Court, exercise the right of removal from office of the Magistrate(s) by a simple majority vote of the common council for moral turpitude, breach of duty or inability to perform the functions of a magistrate. And the common council shall investigate complaints from the Mayor or any other person, who shall accuse the Magistrate(s) of any of the offenses and misconducts enumerated herein.

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