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All Departments that are constituted to deliver services externally to clients as per the mandate of the MCC shall be organized under the ‘Directorate of Programs’.   The Directorate of programs ‘ shall provide managerial and administrative leadership  for managing the overall functioning , operations and administration of those departments organized under it . The directorate shall interpret MCC’s policies, strategies and master plan constituted for efficient and effective service delivery (programs) and accordingly develop Directorate’s operational plan to operationalize the corporate policies, strategies and plans. The Directorate shall lead the implementation of the operational plan by mobilizing the various departments under it for ensuring quality services and impact for improved lives of the citizens of Monrovia.

The Directorates shall be headed by a ‘Director General’ and shall report directly to the Mayor. The Directorates team shall include one Director General and one Documentation Officer, to keep records, data and evidences / Information of respective Department’s progress and performance.

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