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City Police

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Department’s Mandate

The Monrovia City Police mandate is to ensure a crime free and environmentally friendly city of Monrovia ensuring investors, residence and guests of high quality of life through public safety and adequate law enforcement.

Purpose of the Department

The Monrovia City Police Department (MCPD) plays a key role in ensuring public safety and the enforcement of city laws and ordinances in a manner and fashion consistent with the rights of all citizens. The department is responsible for creating a strong sense of community ownership and participation through an effective communicating policing program ensuring that all residents, visitors and business institutions with the boundary of the Monrovia City Corporation are protected and fully utilize the opportunities thereof to enhance the quality of life. It provides internal security for the Monrovia City Corporation’s facilities and staff, and support ion other internal functions. It is also responsible to ensure that the Monrovia city corporation is sustained through the provision of regular enforcement support during revenue collection/enforcement. It also supports the management of MCC through the development and implementation of administrative policies, guidelines and procedures on traffic regulation/control, and other police related matters.

The Department is guided by and acts under the power vested by:

  1. Established by Act of Legislation – July 19, 1973

Any applicable national laws, rules and regulations

Functions of the Department

  • To enforce municipal ordinances and regulation;
  • To enforce parking control regulations and supervise parking lots or other related facilities
  • To assist with the collection of real estate tax and other municipal taxes
  • To supervise and control markets and petty trading areas
  • To provide security at the Monrovia City Court and serve legal percepts of whatever kind emanating from the court;
  • To provide security for the Mayor, city Administrator visiting dignitaries
  • To maintain and safe guard public order and the safety of persons and property within administrative areas
  • To assist the LNP in the execution of their duties within the administrative area when deem necessary;
  • To have jurisdiction over all matters affecting traffic and sanitation within the City limit;
  • To have complete jurisdiction over matters affecting the flow of traffic direction of traffic, road signs, traffic lights, roads to be designated, principal roads, one-way roads, one way streets, direction o the signs within the administrative area

Structure of the Department

To ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered, four key sections are constituted under the City Police Department and various jobs (positions) organized under it. The Department is headed by the Director and the sections are headed by Inspectors/Chiefs.

The four sections are:

  1. Administrative Unit (Section)
  2. Mayor’s Support (Section)
  • Patrol Unit (Section)
  1. Enforcement Unit (Section)
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