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City Planning

City Planning Department envisions  Monrovia as a sustainable city steadily developing in a planned and systematic manner while maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for citizens and creating opportunities for Monrovia to continue to grow and sustain the diverse communities that define and give the City its unique character .

Purpose of the Department

The City Planning Department takes  the lead  in the management of planned and sustainable  growth of the City through effective spatial and economic planning , facilitating strategies and policies that  promote sustainable and effective land use and zoning , inspecting and controlling ( code enforcement ) the growth and development of the city as per the comprehensive development plan .

Functions of the Department

  • To  implement effective urban planning/ spatial planning of the city and ensure sustainable growth and planned development so as to optimize the use of space within the City with regard to their economic value and potential and control  the spatial effects of rapid urbanization .
  • To reinforce effective urban planning and zoning laws to ensure  sustainable land use and development .
  • Conduct regular inspections and monitoring for effective implementation of the urban development plans , policy and regulations .
  • To authorize construction, demolition, reconstruction or renovation of buildings/ infrastructure in the City.
  • To develop/ redevelop and maintain urban infrastructure ( building , public spaces/ premises such a playgrounds , parks , beaches ,  conference halls , public toilets or others assets ) as is deemed necessary for beautification  of the City or for providing amenities for recreation , relaxation, etc  or for stimulating economic growth and development of  the city .

(Infrastructure and property/spaces managed by MCC itself or as special projects assigned to MCC such as the present initiatives of Broad Street gardening, cemetery maintenance).

  1. To ensure overall beautification of the city and enforcing the beautification regulation such as maintenance of street, trees, bush clearing and eradication of alien plants and noxious weeds.

Functions not presently undertaken yet but the department has the mandate for (Discretionary function).

Following are the functions (Discretionary Functions) of City Planning Department as defined in the City Charter but not undertaken presently. In future, provide the scope and opportunities the Department might undertake these functions:

  • Maintenance and preservation of heritage buildings and sites of historical and tourist interest (Presently being handled by MPW).
  • Construction of other infrastructure including bridges, culverts, flyovers, traffic islands, etc. (presently being handled by MPW).
  • Economic planning, including the formation of and execution of strategies designed to stimulate economic growth in the city – including, but not limited to (a) measures for attracting investment in manufacturing, real estate or other, (b) provision of special incentives to groups or classes of industries, and (c) creation of special purpose corridors, (d) development of industrial parks etc. Within the jurisdiction of the corporation, (e) integration of economic trends with the capital investment programs of the corporation, the year to year rolling plans, and so forth.
  • Dealing with appropriate and humane manner with the phenomena of in-migration, uncontrolled urbanization in fringe areas and informal settlements, including:
  • The development of policy options for dealing with informal settlements in a humane manner.
  • Execution of strategies for integration or relocation of informal settlements within the city, (e.g. authorization for squatter settlement, a functions has been presently halted)
  • Development and execution of strategies for restraining uncontrolled urbanization in fringe areas, and
  • Working with the national government and other municipalities or provincial authorities to manage and control in-migration.
  • Control over the use and maintenance of public property and public spaces.

    Structure of the Department

To ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered, two key sections are constituted under City Planning Department and various jobs (positions) organized under it. The department is headed by the “|Director “and the sections are headed by Managers.

The two sections are:

Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Analysis and Development Section permit and Plan Review Unit (Section)

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