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Procurement Unit envisions a functional Monrovia City Corporation through the procurement of timely and quality goods, services and consultancy, matching the value of money to the quality of goods/services procured.

Purpose of the Unit

The procurement Unit plays a key role in ensuring that quality goods and services are procured for MCC so as to enhance effectiveness in service delivery. The Unit also has the responsibility to negotiate, enter into contracts, and procure goods, works and services on behalf of MCC using the various methods and procedures of procurement in accordance to procurement laws with regards to the PPCC Act of the Republic of Liberia.  It is actively engaged during the disposal of the MCC stores, plants and equipment to obtain the best value for money.  The Unit prepares purchase orders and payment requisitions; maintains data base of contractors, suppliers, and vendors to enhance transparency in the procurement process, and undertakes pre-qualification evaluation of suppliers and contractors for general services including building construction, repairs and maintenance, etc. It also supports the management of MCC through the development and implementation of administrative policies, guidelines and procedures on procurement of all kinds of services, works and goods, and the disposal thereof.

Functions of the Unit

  • To  develop and implement administrative policies , guidelines and procedures on procurement of all kinds of goods and services ;
  • To procure all works , goods and services consist with the PPCC Act
  • To formulate annual procurement plan based on budgetary allocation ;
  • To prepare and evaluate tender documents ( RFO, EOI, Proposal, etc) for competitive building ;
  • To maintain a roster of prequalified / approved vendors suppliers;
  • To prepare purchase orders and payment requisitions based on approved requisitions and work orders;
  • To maintain the purchase journal on a regular basis ;
  • Obtain purchase requisitions and proforma invoices
  • In coordination with the Finance and General Services Departments, Conduct inventory of goods / supplies in stock;
  • Ensure quality control of goods and services ;
  • To receive , follow up and take necessary action on all complaints relating to the mal- functioning of the procured goods / supplies ;
  • To develop and maintain an up to date database of procured materials /supplies / assets ;
  • Support in organizing the procurement committee of MCC ;
  • Participate in the recruitment of staff/contractors in accordance with the MCC recruitment policy ;
  • Support in the Planning and disposal of unserviceable properties in accordance with the PPCC Act ;
  • Undertake pre- qualification evaluation of suppliers and contractors for general services including building construction , repair and maintenance , etc   in collaboration with the General Services  and Finance Department;

Structure of the Unit 

To ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered, two key sections are constituted under the Procurement Unit and various jobs (Positions) organized under it.

The Unit is headed by the ‘Officer’ and the sections are headed by ‘Assistants’.

The two sections are:

Procurement Section (Goods, works consultancy and non-Consultancy section)

Data Management (Section)

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