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M&E Bureau

Purpose of the Bureau
Monitoring and Evaluation Bureau shall provide independent, objective, transparent and systematic assessment and assurance of internal order, compliance of corporation’s rules and regulations, adherence to corporation policies, strategy and program priorities, appropriate use of resource and authority and delivery of results. The unit shall play a crucial role in ensuring good governance, transparency and accountability in the corporation. This Bureau shall be headed by a Director leading the various sections responsible for specific areas (internal financial audit, process audit, program audit) and shall work closely with the Anti-Corruption Task Force comprising of specialized team trained in investigation of fraud and corruption cases)

Functions of the Bureau

The Bureau shall act on its own, initiate or upon complaint received from any individual, agency or institutions (internal/external) whether or not that individual/agency institution have personally suffered any loss/damage or inconvenience or injustice by reason of that matter. The section will be responsible for:

  1. To protect and promote rule of law and ensure adherence to institutional rules, regulations, process, procedure, mechanism as well as policy program and strategies
  2. To ensure personal and professional integrity and ethical work practices at all levels and individuals
  3. To ensure financial and other resources owned by or under the control of the Corporation are used efficiently and effectively.
  4. To ensure individual/unit’s target are met and results are being met.
  5. To monitor and investigate any act, omission, advice, decision/recommendation taken, made, given or done in exercise of it authority (functions, roles or responsibility) by any MCC unit (Directorate, Departments, Sections, Division etc.) or by any MCC staff (intentionally or unintentionally due to ignorance, oversight, negligence or incompetence), notwithstanding that the time of the investigation, such person may have ceased serving in that office, that have/might result to: Fraud, waste, misuse or abuse of resources and authority
  • Mismanagement of the MCC’s programs (services) and internal operations
  • Noncompliance of institutional rules, regulations, process, procedure, mechanism or policy/program or strategies
  • Noncompliance of HR policy and/or MCC’s code of conduct
  1. To examine the practices and procedures of all unit or individual staff members in order to facilitate the discovery of existing/potential corrupt practices or cases of fraud or corruption and forward to Anti-corruption task force for investigation, verification and action.
  2. To ensure that MCC’s rules/regulations, policy, practices, system and mechanism promotes safety, security, environmental concerns and human rights.
  3. To collect, compile, generate and store necessary data/information and prepare analytical reports reflecting overall performance of the institutions in terms of good governance, transparency, accountability, staff performance, optimum and efficient use of resource/authority and achievement of program/service targets;
  4. To process, analyze and interpret Monitoring and Evaluation data, reports, recommendations, etc.
  5. To facilitate data collection and processing;
  6. To investigate fraud/corruption cases within MCC and recommend appropriate actions

Facilitate action against person(s) who are guilty of misuse or defalcation of municipal funds or other resources or authority; or have failed to fulfill their duties or manage program/services to deliver results.

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